5 Secrets to the Ultimate Coffee Bar

As a working mama, coffee is the life-blood that keeps me going and has become key to our family’s survival since my little one’s arrived – who hears me? So, when we decided to tackle a “little” home addition [more on that “little” addition later], topping my list of must-haves was the creation of the ultimate coffee bar!

Coffee Station

Most of us figure we can plug that Keurig in just about anywhere, which means planning for coffee stations is often an afterthought, but if you’re in the midst of building your dream home [or finally tackling that kitchen reno], taking the time to add in and perfect this bonus space is going to make your morning pick-me-up that much sweeter.

Scroll on for my 5 secrets to creating the ultimate coffee bar!

Build It In

Disguising your coffee bar as part of your built-in cabinetry maintains a clean, streamlined look in your kitchen space while still providing the storage you need for all of those coffee and tea-related necessities.

Coffee Station with Wood Shelving and Spice Rack

By going with a built-in design, I was able to discretely tuck away appliances, hide cords and outlets, and free up much-needed counter space – it’s a total win-win! And what is function without beauty? I topped off the built-ins with inset drawer fronts and campaign style pulls for a nice, smooth façade that boasts a vintage vibe.

Max Out Your Storage

Everything may be bigger in Texas but it still seems like we never have enough space, and that’s why mapping out your storage requirements BEFORE the building process is key!

cabinet door storage with built in spice rack

It’s common to neglect cabinet doors when you’re thinking about storage, but door interiors offer up some seriously valuable real estate! Adding shallow shelving allows you to store canisters, spices, sweeteners, tea, and more with ease.

Expert Tip: Measure like mad! Your door racks need to be narrow enough not to make contact with your appliances and interior shelving. 

Double your shelf space within the bar by installing wrap-around shelving! It’s an easy upgrade and offers enhanced storage without sacrificing visibility.

Expert Tip: Any solid builder should have you covered but, for all you DIY’ers out there, make sure that your first shelf allows for enough space to house your appliances beneath. It’s an easy thing to measure, but it’s a costly mistake to fix!

Step Up Your Game {Create A Coffee House Vibe}

While French presses and drip coffee makers do the job nicely, an espresso machine can take your coffee bar to an entirely new level! It’s seriously an art piece – a functional one that keeps me sane – and I’m in love.

Cliff and Pebble Espresso Machine

There are endless options on the market but we opted for a handcrafted Cliff & Pebble Rocket Appartamento and couldn’t be happier! It’s sophisticated, compact (as far as espresso machines are concerned), and whips up the most delicious eye-widening bevvies. On that note, did you know these beauties aren’t solely used to pump out espresso shots? You can actually brew up regular coffee, lattes (foam art, anyone?), and much, much more…because who actually has time to sleep? 😉

Cliff and Pebble Espresso Machine

A few other machines that we love are the Jura Ena 8 (we have two in our office), Cafe Affetto (for it’s sleek and compact design), The Miele, and The Ratio Eight.

Roll On, Barista

Convenience is king when it comes to coffee bars and rolling drawers ensure your day starts off smoothly!

Rolling Shelves Bins and Crates

I love these crate-inspired drawers for storing taller bottles or appliances that I don’t need as regularly but want to keep nearby. Plus, being able to roll them in and out with my foot keeps my hands free to hold that hot cup of java or snuggle up with my little man.

Hang It Up

Install hooks and hardware that allow you to hang coffee mugs and wine glasses, freeing up your shelves for storing larger items.

Wine Glass Hangers and Cofee Mug Hooks

Expert Tip: Measure the size of your mugs and glasses before installation because the clink of glasses should only be heard if you’re raising a toast to your new coffee bar!

Bedroom Side Table Coffee Mug

Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and smell the roses! Have other ideas for creating a smart and stylish beverage bar? Scroll on for more coffee bar inspiration!

Wolf 24″ Coffee System

SMEG coffee machine

Wolf 24″ Coffee System

Miele CVA 6401

  1. I don’t have anything to contribute. You certainly covered all of the bases, however I must say your newest addition was pretty close to stealing the show. What a sweet little blessing!

  2. cardsbycara says:

    This is gorgeous! Where do you store your coffee grinder?

  3. Laura flynn says:

    IS this gorgeous coffee bar in your bedroom?! swooning over here

  4. Emmy says:

    Lovely! I’m so curious to see how this looks with the door closed!

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