Natural Woven Shades

Your windows dressed in natural woven shades make a powerful impression on the overall look and feel of your home. Windows offer the outside world a sneak peek of the beauty that lies within. Also, they allow for a steady flow of natural light, illuminating your life’s most cherished moments.

select drapery shades

Although we would love to embrace that light all day, every day, it’s important to invest in window coverings. They protect our treasured possessions from the sun, and ensure our neighbors aren’t subjected to a daily peep show! Between drapery, shutters, and shades, there are a lot of options to choose from. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine which is best. Fret not! MFI is here to help and we’re kicking things off with one of our favorites – natural woven shades!

Natural Woven Shades Contemporary Breakfast Nook

We adore layering raw, organic textures, and incorporating window coverings with that same natural vibe is no exception! Plus, with one quick pull of a cord, your room will flood with all the natural light your heart desires. Wondering where to start? Keep scrolling!

There are Materials Aplenty

Natural shades are available in all sorts of materials, including wood, bamboo, flax, and grasscloth, which means you’re gonna’ get customized texture that blends seamlessly into your home’s design. We also love that going au naturel means working with eco-friendly products, so we can all rest easy knowing that we’re doing our part to hug Mother Earth.

natural woven shades contemporary breakfast nook whitney port

Added bonus? In addition to the wealth of textures you have to choose from, natural woven shades offer flexibility in color!

natural Shade materials

How You Mount Your Shades Matters

Before purchasing and installing your shades, be sure to consider how you want them mounted.

dark natural woven shades inside mount

Inside Mount: An inside mount creates a seamless appeal, showcasing any intricate trimwork you may have on your windows while also allowing you to hang drapery above your shades with ease.

outside mount roller natural woven shade

Outside Mount: Opt for an outside mount if you plan to forego drapery and want your shades to take center stage!

Natural Woven Shades Styles Vary

When you’re shopping shades, it’s smart to show up with a particular style in mind. And, depending on who you’re ordering with, you’ve got lots of options to choose from!

natural woven shade styles Hartmann & Forbes

For our most recent Cali project, we worked with The Shade Store to select a highly functional roller shade that feels clean and architecturally streamlined:

Roller Shade

We love how this particular style rolls up completely behind the headrail!

You can also opt for a more classic pleated style like the roman shades below. They offer a fuller look while still managing to feel tailored and clean.

Traditional Profile Pleated Natural Woven Shades

Natural Woven Shades Can Be Lined

Natural shades are amazing for their ability to serve up privacy while still allowing for a steady stream of natural light, but there are times when all of that flowing light isn’t entirely practical. For instance, in your bedroom. For areas that you prefer to keep moody, request that your shade expert add a lining to the back of your window treatment.

With lining:

how to add lining to shades

Sans lining:

natural shades

You Can Customize the Details

You have a few more options when it comes to customizing your shades. The first being the selection of a continuous cord loop versus a cord lock (also known as a drawstring or cord pull):

Select Continuous Cord vs Drawstring Pull Shades
Continuous Cord Loop Vs Cord Lock

Your cord selection is purely based on preference and it’s worth noting that those pulley systems have come a long way! Some people do share that the continuous cord loop is slightly smoother and easier to operate, making it a great option for spaces where shades get a lot of use. If you opt for a cord lock mechanism, the string can be safely tucked away using a cord cleat, which keeps the cord wrapped up tight so that a loop cannot be made.

Lastly, don’t forget to look up! Topping your shades with a decorative valance helps conceal the headrail for a classic look that can be implemented on an inside or outside mount.

valance woven shades

Loving the natural look as much as we are? Leave your thoughts below!

  1. Kyleen Bushroe says:

    Woven shades are timeless and practical too! A win, win! Thanks for all the good info!

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you for all of the great info! Can you share all the details on the shades from the bedroom that is lined? Is it the Hampton material?

  3. Loree Colon says:

    Thank you for a lovely feature on your blog! These are one of my all time favorites too!

  4. This is a prefect blog for who wants to know about 5 things know buying natural woven shades. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. Hillary Fischer says:

    Great post! So many practical suggestions!! What do you think about shades with valences as opposed to shades with drapes? I’m trying to decide what to do right now in my house and I’m at a loss.

    • marie says:

      It depends on the space and the shape of your windows, but we love the tailored elegance drapes bring to a design!

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