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Fall means many things to many people. For some it means weekends full of Friday night lights and football. For others, it means festive activities like hayrides and apple picking. However, for Marie Flanigan Interiors it is a time to transform your home and usher in the season’s cozy feel. To celebrate autumn, we’ve rounded up some of our past fall home favorites.

Fall Home Decor - Marie Flanigan Interiors

Pumpkin Picks

For my family, a visit to the pumpkin patch is always a must-do item. I love letting my kids pick out a few pumpkins and then fill in their picks with interesting fairy tale pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors, along with smaller pumpkins and gourds.

Fall Home Entryway- Marie Flanigan Interiors

However, pumpkins don’t have to stay outside. Look for interesting ways to incorporate festive décor throughout your home. I love adding seasonal decorations to a landing and incorporating thoughtful touches throughout, like a fireplace, mudroom or countertop.

Say ‘Boo!’

Halloween can be a time to let loose and have fun, especially with decorations! I know my kids love having spooky décor at Halloween and there are lots of cute ways to be spooky, not scary. If you do put up a silly skeleton, add some organic décor like mums and hay to create a cute vignette.

This makes the perfect spot for a trick-or-treat photo! Once Halloween is over, you can always swap out your skeleton for a scarecrow or additional fall foliage and keep it up until Thanksgiving. My goal is to ensure my decorations last the entire season with minimal upkeep or fuss.

Fall Home Festive Florals

From wreaths to tablescapes, there is no shortage of ways to incorporate fall florals into your home. Also, fall décor doesn’t have to be stereotypical! I love to add organic elements and fall is the perfect time to be inspired by nature. Include earthy materials like straw, wheat, assorted foliage, or raffia and complement it with interesting seasonal items like figs, persimmons, and pears.

Fall Home Tablescape - Marie Flanigan Interiors

I love a tablescape that incorporates neutrals with the soft tones found in the wheat and linens. Additionally, you can add depth with interesting objects like rustic brown glass bottles, candles that set an intimate mood, and unexpected, soft florals.

Fall Home Welcome Wreaths

Is it fall if you don’t have a wreath on your door? Sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect wreath, so I suggest making your own! Take inspiration from nature and find beautiful objects around your house, like pinecones, sticks and leaves; then supplement them with store-bought dried pieces.

I partnered with the wonderful Maria Maxit who gave us the ultimate wreath-making tutorial. Want to step it up a notch? Invite your friends over for a wreath-making party, of course! As a result, I promise it’ll be the perfect way to kickoff the season.

How are you celebrating fall this year?

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